Internationally advanced technology research

With internationally advanced technology research team, complete your unique application requirements in high level, provide you the best cost solution!

Sebon has 120 researchers, 3 external expert professors and 2 doctoral supervisors, by working with Shenyang Research Institute of Foundry(The sole Foundry Research Institute in China), Zhengzhou Machinery Research Institute, Henan University of Technology, Henan University of Science and Technology, Sebon introduces and implements three different innovation modes including self-dependent innovation, imitative innovation and cooperation innovation, depending on the platform of National enterprise technical canter, with professional and high standards providing you with optimal cost design plan for your special requirement.

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Advanced production technology control

Advanced production technology control, complete various special requirements of the orders efficiently, provide you perfect precision work products!

The casting productions are based on four Silica sol casting production lines with advanced international level, and the main processes are completed in constant temperature environment, this ensure we could manufacture your casting products with high precision. The machining workshop now has 40 sets CNC lathes, 20 sets engine lathes, we also have 38 sets of CNC milling machine, drilling machine, milling machine, facing machine and so on. In the large-scale machining workshop, we have gantry machining center, self-acting boring machine, radial drilling machine, digital controlled lathe and vertical lathe more than 20 sets. We not only do the machining for our own castings and mould, but also the outsourcing parts from our cooperative partners. The post-processing workshop has one electropolishing production line, two mirror polish production lines, several sets large-tonnage punch press for correction, all of these equipment ensure that we can complete various special requirements of the orders efficiently, provide you with perfect precision work products!

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Strict quality management system

Strict quality management system, meet your high demanding on products with high quality, for your usage escort!

Zhengzhou Sebon Heavy Machinery Co. , Ltd is committed to provide the world's best precision casting products, we have established perfect quality control system to ensure the product quality, and we have also founded a large laboratory which has imported Direct-reading spectrometer, Infrared ray carbon sulphur analyzer, Metallography image analyzer, Fluorescent magnetic particle testing machine, X-ray crack detector, Ultrasonic flaw detector, Three coordinates measuring instrument, Hydraulic universal tester, Full automatic brittleness temperature tester, Rockwell apparatus and other advanced testing equipment, to ensure the products are 100% qualified comprehensively, meet your high demanding on products with high quality, for your usage escort!

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With the all-round assisting service concept

With the all-round assisting service concept, highly responsible and lifelong quality assurance, gains value for your excellent choice!

Precise and reasonable package and transport ways provide you with safe and fast products delivery plan, continuous product quality follow-up and maintenance solve your usage problems quickly and efficiently, lifelong refunds or exchanges items provide you with the all-round assisting service concept to gain value for your excellent choice!

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