What’s the Production Process of Precision Casting?

What’s the Production Process of Precision Casting?

Investment casting, in simple terms, uses a fusible material to make a fusible model, which is then coated with several layers of special refractory coatings, followed by drying and hardening. After forming a monolithic shell, the model is melted from the shell and the shell is filled with dry sand. Finally, the casting is subjected to high-temperature baking, in which molten metal is poured, and a casting is obtained. The castings obtained by investment casting generally have a relatively high precision and a high surface finish, so that some machining can be reduced, thereby saving metal raw materials. In addition, it can also cast more complex castings, so it can be said that precision, what materials are generally used for precision casting?
Precision casting process:
Wax (wax waxing mold)---- wax repair----wax inspection----group tree (wax module tree)---- shell-making (first paste, sand, re-slurry , and finally the mold shell is air-dried)---- Dewaxing (steam dewaxing)---- Form shell roasting---- Chemical analysis---- Pouring (casting molten steel in the mold shell)----Vibration off Shell---- Cutting and pouring of casting and pouring rod----Grinding gate---- Initial inspection (hairy inspection)---- Shot blasting----Machining---- Polishing--- - Finished product inspection---- Storage.
The casting production process is generally such that it can be divided into wax, shell, casting, post-treatment, and inspection.
1. Pressing wax includes (pressing wax, repairing wax, grouping trees): pressing wax---using waxing machine to make wax mold;
What is the production process for casting wax casting?--correcting the wax mold;
Group tree---Group the wax molds.
2. The shell includes (hanging sand, hanging pulp, air drying);
3. Pouring includes (baking, chemical analysis is also called spectroscopy, casting, shaking shell, gate, grinding gate);
4. Post-treatment includes (blasting, shot blasting, correction, pickling);
5. Inspection includes (wax inspection, initial inspection, intermediate inspection, finished product inspection).




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