A297 HK Alloy Steel Casting Manufacturer

A297 HK Alloy Steel Casting Manufacturer

A297 HK alloy steel casting under A297 standard has good heat resistance and good machinability and very weldable without the required preheat or post heat. It is often used in structiral applications up to 2100 F (1150 C) . As a profession HK alloy steel casting manufacturer, SEBON will offer A297 HK alloy castings with competitive price.
The HK alloy steel has been the industry standard for 40 plus years due to its moderately high temperature strength, resistance to hot gas and sulfur-bearing hot gas corrosions, oxidation resistance, high creep and rupture strengths, and carburization resistance. A297 HK alloy steel castings are applicable in heat-resistant services. HK alloy castings shall be produced through electric arc, electric-induction, or other approved processes.
Furnace tubes and calcining, ammonia, molten neutral salts, methanol and hydrogen reformers, ethylene pyrolysis coils and fittings, steam super-heater tubes and fittings, tube supports and hangers, tube sheets, heat treatment fixtures and trays, refractory supports, furnace skids, furnace rolls, rabble arms,steam hydrocarbon reformer, elbow.




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