A297 HD UNS J93005 Alloy Steel Precision Casting

A297 HD UNS J93005 Alloy Steel Precision Casting

ASTM A297 HD UNS J93005 alloy steel with good heat resistance. As a heat resistant alloy steel casting manufacturer, SEBON can offer A297 HD precision castings with OEM and designing service.
ASTM A297 specification covers iron-chromium and iron-chromium-nickel alloy castings for heat-resistant service. The grades covered by this specification are general purpose alloys and no attempt has been made to include heat-resisting alloys used for special production application.
Casting Process: lost wax casting, investment casting
Standard: ASTM A297
Material: HD (UNS J93005 ) alloy castings
Max Casting Size: 1 meter
Casting Weight: 0.2~90Kg
Dimension Tolerance: CT7
Surface Roughness: Ra6.4~12.5
Productivity: 5000 tons per year
Load-bearing operations where temperatures don't exceed 1200 F (649 C)| Light load-bearing operations with temperature max 1900 F (1040 C)




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